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Oxford Polymers® core manufacturing competency is in compounding engineering grade resins. Unlike resin suppliers, we do not push our customers into resin specific solutions. We look at each customer request with an open view on design and material selection to achieve the best results for each application.

Do you need a whole new product look or just freshening of the product line? We can sit down with your engineering and marketing staff to identify desired new product styling attributes, and blend those with functional requirements. We can deliver a blend of both through various mediums, from conceptual renderings to 3D
CAD files.

If you need assistance with material and process selection, we can help optimize those choices based upon product performance requirements, esthetics, projected life cycle and growth.

We can work with you and your mold builder as project managers ensuring that the tool embodies requisite cooling, ejection, venting, gating and other design features necessary to produce the desired part. Conversely we can provide “Turn Key” services to deliver mold design prints, and finished molds for various processes such as Blow Molding, Extrusion, standard Injection Molding, Two Component or Overmolding, etc.

Drying Information 

Ever wondered why drying plastics is so important? Read this External link opens in new tab or windowinformational piece on why you need to get the moisture out before processing.  

Failure Analysis Support

Need help evaluating and troubleshooting problems with your production process, tooling, or geometry? We can help! External link opens in new tab or windowClick here for more information.

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