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For the last fifteen years, Oxford Polymers, an ISO registered company, has been manufacturing compounds for a small group of exclusive customers. We are now proud to offer our time tested compounds to all customers in the plastic processing market. OXPURGE compounds have been designed to work with a wide range of engineering grade & commodity thermoplastics and manufacturing processes.

OXPURGE Grades for your consideration:

 OXPURGE-PPC-Clearis our highest temperature purge compound.  This compound is a clear unfilled Polycarbonate based alloy stable from (500°-680°F ) .  PPC-Clear was specifically designed for injection molding and extrusion equipment.  Well suited for removing colors and fibers from equipment after molding resins such as PC, PEI, PPS, PSU, PPSU, Nylon 6, Nylon 66.  This product is good for both cold and hot runner systems.  

 ü  Excellent for clear & transparent polymers

 ü Excellent for high temperature resins

 ü  Elimination of black specs

ü  No soak time required


 OXPURGE HDPE-IM2 is our only polyolefin based alloy compound specifically designed to flush out glass fiber reinforced compounds during start-up or shutdown with injection molding cold runner systems. Good for most engineering and commodity resins within the processing temperature range (300°-550°F). Good for color changes and removal of glass filled compounds.

ü  Lowest Cost option

ü  No soak time required

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